HW 10'000 - 12'000 R.P.M. tool-head for Escomatic turning lathes

For an extraordinary increase in performance

The 10,000 r.p.m. HW-Turning Head Kit is adaptable to all ESCOMATIC® D2, D4 and D5 automatic turning lathes. In addition, it is the easiest way to bring increased efficiency and productivity to your machine park.

Conceived for neat, clean, high speed and high precision work, the HW-Turning Head finds no equal in its category on the market.

Besides its simplicity, it offers you the possibility to change the bearings yourself, saving time and money.

This progress allows for new summits to be reached in the machine tool sector, a great step forward in high performance.

Make a test with this new turning head and find out for yourself what difference it makes!